Tongue Cleaning

Tongue cleaning has been employed by people in the Eastern world for hundreds of years. Most people do not consider cleaning their tongue to get oral hygiene because they are unaware of the fact that almost 80% of germs breed on their tongue.

A healthy tongue results in having good oral hygiene which ultimately leads to a healthy life. In the present, there are hundreds of ways to clean your tongue naturally at home or by using scientific tools. Through all of this, the primary purpose is to make your tongue germs free. The tongue is known for having the largest number of bacteria in our mouth. However, people have found that cleaning it is a difficult task. Habitual tongue cleaning results in the reduction of germs growth on your tongue exponentially.

Tongue Cleaning

Gargling: Gargling is regarded as one of the easiest and oldest ways to maintain your tongue cleanliness. In this process, a liquid solution (maybe water, or a mouthwash) is held in the mouth taking it possibly at last of your throat, pulling the cheeks in and out, and finally, letting out the liquid. Warm water with a small amount of salt can be used to effectively make your throat feel better. There is no side effect of gargling, instead, it helps.

Seasalt, or Natural Salt: As it is clear from the name, it is quite a smooth way to clean your tongue by simply placing some amount of salt. It is an effective testing reagent. It remains on tongue for a small period, which results in removing dead cells that are causing bad breath. Moreover, it helps to treat the problem of white tongue.

Tongue Cleaning with Seasalt or Natural Salt

Aloe Vera: It has been an ancient trick, to treat any kind of medical problem using plants. In this mechanism, firstly the juice of aloe vera is obtained, then 2-3 drops of aloe vera are mixed in a glass of water. Carrying out, gargling using aloe vera water, as a liquid solution, helps to treat tongue issues. Aloe vera is antimicrobial which means that it kills the bacteria that cause bad breath and a white tongue. It also helps in the treatment of flu, cough and fever.

Tongue Cleaning with Aloe Vera

Turmeric: Using turmeric, for reduction of bacteria causing white tongue and bad breath, is another example of plants used as medicine. It is an old simple procedure, in which a small amount of turmeric (2-3 pinches) is added to a glass of water, and the operation of gargling takes place.

Tongue Cleaning with Turmeric

Ginger and Mint: Adoption of ginger and mint, as an agent for a medical issue. Furthermore, it is served as mint ginger tea in Canada. Ginger has a strange advantage: it brightens your smile. Ginger is an excellent rhizome, which removes yellowness of teeth, making firmness of teeth and gum lines. Mint is not utilized, directly in form of leaves. First mint oil is obtained, then this oil is added in toothpaste, and mouthwashes for a fresh breath, and removal of bacteria causing white tongue.

Tongue Cleaning with Ginger and Mint

We have discussed a few of the most popular natural ways for the cleanliness of tongue. From the above-mentioned methods, it has been found that using warm water, or a mouthwash with herbs and plants, treats many of the problems associated with oral hygiene.

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