Tongue Diseases

How to treat tongue diseases? Your tongue can tell a lot about your health. For example if your tongue is bright red it shows a deficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid or iron. A black color tongue shows poor hygiene or diabetes. The tongue is made of group pf muscles and are all attached to the floor of the mouth. The tongue is used for swallowing, tasting and chewing food. It also helps us to speak. A pink moist and slightly white in color tongue is considered healthy. Tongue is a very good measure of the well-being of the body.

There are many types of tongue problems, disease like Oral thrush, discoloration, taste concerns, difficulty with movement. The causes vary harmless to serious. A tongue cancer can be related to factors such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Poor oral hygiene, viral infections and even stress effects on your tongue.

 Tongue Diseases

A sore throat feeling is hard to ignore. With soreness the tongue can have pain, red patches, swelling and burning sensation. There are many home remedies that can ease the soreness. Aloe Vera is known as a soothing agent. This can be applying to your tongue and it will give a sore tongue a soothing effect.

For swelling and pain on your tongue you can rinse with baking soda and warm water. Paste of baking soda and warm water can also help out to ease the swelling and pain.

Gargling of salt water is also another way of treating inflammation and it prevents infection.

Honey is known as antibacterial and is very effective in treating wounds.

 Coconut oil is also antifungal and is used to heal a sore tongue. With cotton ball apply coconut oil to the effective area and rub gently or it can be used as swishing around in your mouth and then spit out.

Soreness caused by burning mouth or dry mouth can be healed by ice or drinking cold water as ice has numbing qualities. Milk of magnesia can help relieve pain and promote healing.

There are many treatments out there for which you can go to local drug store and they will treat your tongue.

If tongue soreness is due to any vitamin deficiency doctor will advice you taking those multivitamin or Vitamin B complex supplements and it will soothe your soreness.

Avoid spicy food as it will worsen your tongue condition. Instead eat bland foods, oatmeal, mashed potatoes it will not give you that irritation feeling.

Home remedies and these mild treatments can help reduce infections, inflammatory conditions and tongue soreness. However, chronic disease like cancer cannot be treated at home and need medical treatment.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection and it cause sores. You need to take full course of antibiotics to cure the infection. For oral thrush antifungal are required. Steroids are used to treat inflammation caused by mouth sores. For dry mouth prescriptions to increase saliva production is given. Oral cancer treatment requires chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Whenever you see changes in your tongue like bumps, change in color or sores that will last for more than a week followed with fever, bleeding gums, rash, and inability to drink you need to consult the doctor as he will find out the right cause and will advice you right oral hygiene.

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