About us

TongueScraper.us is an online venture and effort that aims to raise awareness and bring attention to various oral hygiene issues that encompass the world population. Our effort is to make oral health accessible to every individual by propagating comprehensive knowledge in the field. According to the statistics, every hour more than six Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. This sparks a serious concern as to how we are treating our oral hygiene in general.

Furthermore, oral diseases like toothache, tooth decay, and cavities are the most common forms of medical problems—just after the flu. We deeply believe that every smile that exists is important regardless of the geographic, racial, or ethnic boundaries. Poor oral hygiene can lead to several long-term issues that can evolve into life-threatening conditions such a previously mentioned cases of oral cancer.

We have a keen eye for detail in our content that helps us bring the best material and products forward. Through this initiative, we are backing a mission of encouraging good oral hygiene practices and providing with the best information possible on the subject matter.

We have countered the question “Is oral hygiene even that uncommon?” multiple times over. Trust us, it is so uncommon that more than 3 billion people do not brush their teeth twice a day. Moreover, the misinformation on the issue is attributed to the lack of awareness. Adding to that, it has been cited by several journals that more than 1.5 billion people do not use fluoride toothpaste.

As surprising these statistics may sound in today’s era of digitization, they are far from their true value. These imply that there is a huge prospective market for efforts like ours. Consequently, this gigantic body of people can be helped every day.

ToungueScraper.us is committed to working and enabling people to live a happy life ahead.